Lorna Shore – The Coffin

Lorna Shore’s impressive February 2017 release, Flesh Coffin, pushing past breakdowns to create a symphonic, blackened deathcore sound.

Benighted – Forgive Me Father

Nasty album opener from Benighted’s February 2017 release, Necrobreed. Having formed in 1998, this French band is pushing an impressive 8 albums over 20 years.

Haunted Shores – Blast Inc

Fast instrumental jam, with surprise saxamaphone, from Haunted Shores, a duo consisting of Mark Holcomb and Misha Mansoor of Periphery fame.

Allegaeon – Gray Matter Mechanics

Super tasty tune from this Coloradan death metal quintet. I’ve had the classical part at the end stuck in my head for days.

Day of Suffering – full set reunion show 2012

Can’t believe I slept on this.

Gorod – Disavow Your God

Polyphia – Renaissance (full album)

Infectious instrumental poppy shredding.

Allegaeon “Proponent For Sentience III – The Extermination”

From the “Proponent for Sentience” album, released August 2016.

Divine Realm – Cloak and Dagger

Official guitar playthrough from this Canadian duo.

Sunless – Disintegration of Man

Dissonant death metal from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Self released February 2017.