After the Burial

The Acacia Strain

Hanging Rock

After the Burial were amazingly tight live. Whatever hella complicated groovy patterns they pull off on the albums, they pull off live with no problem.

I’ve never been into (or really even heard beyond a passing listen) The Acacia Strain but they sounded hella good live. All those deep gutterals and chugging riffs are always going to treat me well at a live show, and the way the singer spoke and interacted with the audience reminded me of hardcore shows from 1990’s/00’s.

VERDICT: One of the funnest, most hype shows I’ve been to in a while!

The crowd was on fire, constantly moshing and stage diving, and having a blast at the same time. There was a real fun communal feel to the whole thing. I think you had a lot of people there who loved the shit out of the bands and hearing them play the classic album from each one really gets people pumped.

Annnnnnnd either the guy from ATB was milking the audience, or he was seriously reflecting on the fact that he was witnessing a room full of people going bananas, but he introduced their video guy, and then said that footage from this show was probably going to be in their next music video. So keep an eye out for that one….

Side note: I’d never been to Arizona Pete’s before. Good enough venue and the fact that they allow crazy mosh pits* and constant stage diving** is worth noting.

*not that I really like those crazy ass mosh pits but I’m happy for the people rocking out

**I have never wanted to stage dive but after watching the umpteenth person fall backwards, with full trust, onto a dozen hands into the crowd, or seeing some skinny kid literally hurdle his body up high into the air and arc down into the audience only to be caught time after time, I thought: man, that looks fun as hell.

Stray observations:

– After the Burial played every song off Rareform (obviously) and then encored with Lost in the Static and a Wolf Amongst Ravens.

– The Acacia Strain played every song off Continent and then encored with stuff I don’t know.

– Neat to see both bands giving shoutouts to the idea that your friends could be suffering from depression and suicidal thoughts so be there for them when they reach out to you. Considering the guitarist for After the Burial committed suicide in 2015, hearing the band talk about this gives those words more weight.

– I love seeing the kid who was super shy and seemed out of place standing next to me for Erra become one of the most aggressive kids in the pit and on stage doing wild jumps into the audience. He seemed to be by himself, and took it very seriously.

– Saw more women and people of color at this show than I have ever seen at a metal show. I’m thinking maybe all ages shows welcome a younger, more diverse crowd? Or maybe there’s just more and more diverse fans these days or around Greensboro than in Raleigh? Either way, it excited me to see this. It’s especially cool that women felt comfortable stage diving, returning onstage to do it repeatedly.

– Because Greensboro is about an hour from Raleigh, and Hanging Rock State Park is about an hour+ from Greensboro, I decided to drive there before the show and get some good hiking in and enjoy the good mountain views on what felt like the first day of Fall here in the middle of North Carolina. It ruled.

PS I suppose it’s obvious, but these pictures are all from my cellphone, too far from the stage, in bad lighting, with a lot of cropping & filtering.