When I was living in Seattle back in 2011, I tried to draw a new face every night before bed, resulting in this collection of silly drawings.

One of the cooler parts of getting this iPad and learning Procreate is how new everything is: any time I open it up, there’s a whole world of things to explore & experiment with.

When I find something neat, naturally I’ll play & expand on it – in this case, blending colors and making some sort of plant-like creatures out of it.

Here’s a series of drawings done over 10 days or so in January.

The first two captured something interesting:

Interestingly, this third one is my favorite of all of them, the first one to be done “seriously” after stumbling upon the idea. All of the ones after this are still trying to capture what this one captures best:

The same techniques are then played out in different ways below, some verbatim, some a bit differently: