Fun facts:

After having sex with a lucky male suitor, I … eat him.

I’m one of the biggest frikkin spiders you may ever see. Like 5 inches big.

I’ve been around since the dinosaurs.

I’m pretty common around the Carolina’s. You may have noticed me & my brightly colored abs hanging around your yard.

. . . .

Found this gal proudly hanging on the porch of my parents beach trailer when we arrived there last weekend. I got real excited because I’d been looking for this spider. Its design is amazing, and the size that they can reach puts them up there with some of the biggest spiders I’m likely to ever encounter along with the Carolina Wolf Spider. This spiders’ web was also very interesting but hard to describe – three dimensional, organized, about 4 feet off the ground, and rather large. Every time I went out to look, day or night, the spider was right in the middle of her web. Apparently the threads of a banana spider are strong – strong enough that someone spent 3 years collecting banana spider webs to make a jacket out of them.

Also, Liz and I couldn’t stop noticing this spider looks like a dude with a skull for a face wearing a big ol’ top hat.