This albums punctuates it’s sometimes general deathcore song-writing techniques with powerful intense moments – high points that stick with you, like the fist-pumping-acapella-fuck-you opening line on track one, The Foolish One. 

I fear no god

Continuing with:

or any man who stands in my way
I fear no devils I’m not afraid
I want it all, everything, everyone
By my hand I break these walls
They will not forget my name

Songs like Cursed demonstrate well the slow, methodical head-bopping rhythm that moves strongly throughout the whole album.

Every so often the vocals go into a seismic tease of a scream – getting right to the edge of singing deeper with a rapid sense of anticipation building in his tone before collapsing into familiar high pitch shrieks.

This band gets a lot of shit but My Damnation is a bit of a gem in the Chelsea Grinn catalogue.

Standout Tracks:
The Foolish One
My Damnation
All Hail The Fallen King





“The Foolish One”
“Everlasting Sleep” 3:39
“Behind a Veil of Lies” 6:57
“Kharon” 10:20
“My Damnation” 11:38
“Cursed” 16:13
“Calling in Silence” 19:36
“Oblivion” 24:37
“Last Breath” 28:12
“All Hail (Satan) the Fallen King” 32:08