In between taking pictures & hanging with my fam, I was able to hit up the Chaos and Carnage tour in my trip to Indiana.

Bands included:

Winds of Plague
Buried Above Ground

The venue was the Emerson Theater in east Indianapolis. Finding the place & finding parking was a breeze – it was not at all in a crowded downtown spot.

. . .


Ah, Carnifex. The big band.

Eek, cuz I left before Carnifex came on.

I know, I know, crazy right? Well these are the things you do when you’ve driven 700 miles in 2 days and had only 6 hours of sleep the night before. Plus much of their material doesn’t really hold my attention, but I bet they put on a really good live show.

Lets hope they played either of my favorite jams: Lie To My Face or Dark Days.

Honestly, I wanted to stay mainly out of morbid curiousity to see if the audience would just implode on themselves because if the show taught me one thing, it’s the midwest metal kids go hard.

Vancouver BC
Technical AF death metal


This was the whole reason I went to the show: ARCHSPIRE.

Having released a fantastic album recently, I feel like I’m seeing Archspire in their prime. They were awesome on stage, and played lots of new material, including:

Relentless Mutation
Remote Tumor Seeker
Human Murmuration
Involuntary Dopperlganger
Seven Crowns And The Oblivion Chain

In fact, they played the new album nearly in its entirety, along with maybe 2 songs off the previous album.

They weren’t having technical difficulties like the time I saw them at Motorco in Durham in ~ fall of 2017, a show which painfully ended in the bass drum breaking at the beginning of the 4th song, and everything abruptly ending from there. Whew!

Any way, Archspire killed it. It’s shocking how awesome they are live considering their absurd technical shennanigans and fast playing.



Holy shit, Oceano. The same Oceano whose self titled released caused me to flip my wig when I first heard it years ago. I don’t know hardly any names of songs after the first album, but I know they did play these two:

District of Misery
Dawn of Descent

And they definitely played another song off the first album but I cannot remember which one.

They were fun to watch, being from Chicago (“Even though we’re from Chicago, this is home” he said in regards to Indianapolis) and engaged the audience a lot. The singers expressions were fairly flamboyant, which was great: nothing like a sweaty flamboyant brutal deathcore singer on stage. At one point he went on a funny monologue about how everyone should appreciate a dirty gross club like Emerson where they let you throwdown hard AF in the mosh pit, unlike other local venues, because “…I promise you, one day this club won’t be here, and you’ll miss it.” Wait, did the singer just promise the audience that the club is going to be shut down?

Not being the biggest fan of their last several albums, I still had been wanting to see these guys for years because their self-titled is in my personal deathcore canon. Great show, dudes.

Winds of Plague
California deathcore

I really wanted to like this but it just seemed so teenager-y. I’m sure they’ve got some choice tracks and good breakdowns, but honestly, by the time they were over, I was starting to get sick of nothing-special-overused breakdowns and the expectation that it’s supposed to make me feel like the world collapsing.

2015 release from Chugcore

Wow, the peeps here went ape shit for Spite. I always forget how intense metal shows can be and this was a strong reminder. Even the tight-clothes-wearing, weirdly-thin, face-tattooed security guards at the show decided it was time to get down, and took to the pit wailing and kicking. I took this as a message: do not fuck us. But actually, later I realized I think they were just metal fans too, as I didn’t see them do any lame macho ‘I’m a security guard’ shit.

Spite really got the crowd amped up & dancing hard, with crowd peeps running and jumping on each other and singing along. It wasn’t really my cup of tea but it was fun.

Buried Above Ground
Minneapolis, MN
Deathcore/Death Metal


As I walked into the venue, my eyes had to adjust from “bright sunny day” to “near pitch black”. I froze after a few steps, realizing I literally couldn’t see anything. I even put my hand in front of my face, waving it like a guy on acid, only to marvel at the fact that, holy hell, it really is so dark in here I can’t see my hand.

Buried Above Ground were about halfway through their set, looking almost like a black metal band with only some eerie and evil looking lighting. I was fairly disoriented from being near blind and having my ear drums assaulted at the same time, and when they ended, I didn’t have a good grasp on them.

Here’s a music video they released before the tour started that I need to come back and watch.