Fallujah do something that I love and they do it very well: mixing atmospheric metal with technical, progressive death metal. Or is the other way around?

That being said, Dreamless is very much like it’s predecessor The Flesh Prevails: beautiful, airy, powerful songs made up of percussive guitar riffs chopped together with rolling, technical drums, with the zingy, high pitch guitar notes that Fallujah have become known for constantly swirling in and out of the riffs.

They’ve managed to pull off making metal that is all at once fast, slow, beautiful, emotional, and heavy.

The goth-esque addition of female vocals seen on the previous album return with Tori Letzler singing beautifully on The Void Alone, and continuing on the title track, Dreamless, and several songs throughout the album. I never find her vocals forced or tacked on like an afterthought – they make a wonderful compliment to songs.

What surprised me the most about Dreamless was that when the techno parts come out, they are not mere interludes into a metal song but rather fully fleshed out songs in their own right.

The second to last song Les Silences captivated me from start to finish as it mixes French audio samples, fuzzy, cacklin’ beats, synth keyboards, and drumnbass until finishing off into a mood of climatic atmospheric trance. I am impressed with this song and it wouldn’t be too out of place on a mix tape of 80’s goth, ambient techno, Aphex Twin, and Squarepusher.

Dreamless takes the ideas seen on the Flesh Prevails and, with the exception of the instrumental trance songs, doesn’t so much refine them as simply continue to explore them.

Top Tracks:
The Void Alone
Les Silences