With Brand of Sacrifice, Signs of the Swarm, and Inferi.

Really fun show with a packed crowd and lots of energy, getting hype to Shadow of Intent.

2019 Fave Metal Albums

Best of the Best:
Shadow of Intent – Melancholy
Infant Annihilator – The Battle of Yaldabaoth
Child of Waste – Stillborn King*
Immanifest – Macrobial
Fleshgod Apocalypse – Veleno
Angelmaker – Angelmaker

Need more time to digest these bangers:
Carbomb – Mordial
Humanitys Last Breath – Abyssal

Good, but…:
Aenimus – Dreamcatcher
Rings of Saturn – Gidim
Equipoise – Demiurgus

That new Fallujah album

Favorite Non-Metal Album of 2019:
Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

Honorable Mention:
Cattle Decapitation – Death Atlas
Year Of The Ox – Mood Control Cypher

*Rel. Dec 2018, technically

Shadow of Intent:




Child of Waste:


Cattle Decapitation:

Tyler the Creator:

Year of the Ox:

Fit For An Autopsy

Rivers of Nihil

Lorna Shore


Kickass show.

Rivers of Nihil are hilarious live with their saxaphones and dancing monsters.

Lorna Shore were brutal AF.

Fit for An Autopsy were like a big happy family on stage.

Great live show a quick 2.5 hour drive away in Richmond tonight. Baroness have such a dedicated, friendly fan base. I’ve seen them twice and twice lucked into having a perfect spot to watch the show from up front.

With nonstop, interconnecting, thunderous riffing and a vibrant light show, Gojira put on one hell of a live show. They played some of my fave old jams, too, which was awesome, but everything they played honestly sounded great. The Ritz was jam packed, so much so that you couldn’t move around, or get close if you were to arrive during the latter half of Deafheavens gloomy shoe-gazy black metal set.

The crowd was feeling it. Great show.

1 Minute of Gojira







Thrash | Apex, NC

Outlier from Apex, NC

I thought I didn’t know too many songs by Gorod but they must’ve played lots of the jams because I recognized most, including the closer, the big one – Disavow your God.

Both bands were great live and had good on-stage personality and energy.

Was surprised to see this one come to Local 506.

Really awesome show.

Opening up with super Satanic sounding classical music with lanterns hanging from the ceiling, the band comes out behind a huge backdrop displaying the cover art of 2017’s Cryptoriana album.

Hell yea, this is Cradle of Filth!

I’ve only seen them once before – and it was a full 19 years ago in Milano, Italy, at a huge outdoor music festival, where the ratio of hardcore black metal looking fans to just normal looking (for metal) fans was like a 100 to 1.

This venue, Cone Denim in Greensboro, was an amphitheater, with seats and a balcony area up top, open floor at the bottom, about the size of a large club.

At the show in Italy, I struggled to decipher what songs were being played because it sounded like a muffled funnel of noise for the most part. Hearing them in a smaller, indoor theater was totally different.

(Another difference: I slept outside in a park afterwards, waiting for the morning train to take me back to Torino – this time I comfortably drove one hour back to my house.)

They played Bathory Aria about 5 songs in and it was purely divine. This is one of my all-time fave CoF songs, in all its glory with its operatic vocals and stringed orchestrations, and they played the whole song, not a melody like I thought they were going to do.

They also played Dusk and Her Embrace, another classic, and newer (relatively speaking – in this case, “newer” is still 15-19 years old, eeek!) hit songs like Nymphetamine (2004) & Her Ghost in the Fog (2014), and delightfully to my surprise, from the same album and year, Saffron’s Curse.

From Saffron’s Curse:

I splintered her coffin and lie on the floor
Of a vault with her clasped as the moon hugs the shore
What treachery this that she breathed no more?
Christ you bastard

I wished her back but the dead adored her
Even wild winds sang in chora for her
Saffron from my heart, from the start I swore
We’d be together more


After so many years it’s amazing this band is still going at it. Despite putting out many a lack-luster album in their history, their live show kicked ass. And for what it’s worth, their second to last album Hammer of the Witches was solid.

It was hilarious to hear Dani Filth joking around in his patented not quite singing, not quite talking voice that lands somewhere between a troll and a goblin.

He must’ve noticed one of NC’s many furniture shows, asking the crowd who else is here for the furniture show & suggested purchasing a new ottoman.

There is not a single other band I’ve seen two times with 19 years in between the first and the second show. (Possible exception but probably second place: Between the Buried & Me.)

It was nice to see goth kids. I never see that shit man. The vibe especially for the opening bands took me right back to the 90’s ala Rocky Horror and Marilyn Manson.

Fleshgod Apocalypse

A monster of a performance, I love seeing this band live. So fucking good. Nice high fives to the front row.


Played some jams, spazzed out on stage. Picked up their new vinyl. I only recently got their 2013 album and it’s all Veil of Maya-esque rhythms, which is to say, I love it.


Raleigh metal formed in 2006. Great performance with just 2 dudes and a drum machine. Looked like the old Raleigh metal guard came out for this rarely-happening-in-Raleigh show.


Note the band logo tattoo.


Also from Raleigh.


Fleshgod Apocalypse

The Maywood | Raleigh, NC
March 29, 2019

I shot all this with my macro lens, which is kind of absurd because it’s all so close up.

Anyway, damn if I wasn’t hype for this show, and I wasn’t the only one – it sold out.

2016 release from Newcastle, Australia.

This strikes a chord.

2014. From Montreal, Qu├ębec.

Brain melting 28 minute track that was released as a precursor / segway to the full album, Odyssey to the West.

Earlier this week, I got comfortable and listened to this for the first time all the way through. I was utterly captivated by it, and the transition from his super long theatrical monologue to noise / metal / wtf am I listening to – holy shit. Amazing.

I love that metal can create a space for something like this to exist.

2016, digital only release.