I love that metal can create a space for something like this to exist.

2016, digital only release.

Impressive one man project from Vienna, Austria.

2016 Chugcore release.

2016 Chugcore release.

Some interesting intense death metal with strong blackened tech vibes.

In a seemingly endless series of single releases, Sever the King have released another song, presumably off their forthgcoming 2019 release…? Please?


From Costa Rica, US distribution by Sevared Records.

From Western Australia, 2016.


Also see Ire Harvest Records and this piece on their game-like album release.

Enfold Darkness have this killer black metal-tech-melodic-death-thrash thing going on. And as much as I like technical wankery and over the top noodling, its nice to hear something tightly structured and focused like the songs on Adversary Omnipotent.

And then there’s the Cradle of Filth deep vocals and hot damn I love that shit. Seriously, I keep listening to this (particularly the first album) and pretending it’s an obscure Cradle of Filth release and loving it.

Also, this is another album engineered by Jamie King. Jamie King! You are on every other album I regularly listen to dude, going way back the old BTBAM metalcore days. One day I’ll meet you & shake your hand.

Adversary Omnipotent was released in July 2017 on The Artisan Era.


Teaser single from the upcoming full release in March 2019, from the badass Artisan Era label outta Nashville, TN.


I loved the shit out of their 5-song EP, so I’m really curious to hear this full release.

Really interesting instrumental work. Slappin’ & shreddin’ that guitar.

From Melbourne, Australia.


Second to Sun released The Walk in December 2018, their second album released in a single year, which is crazy.

Black metal from Moscow, Bandcamp here.

Atmospheric + intensely groovy djent riffage from France, 2016.