Oh man, this is one of the most influential records of them all for this genre. Misha Mansoor completely ripping it up with groovy, head boppin instrumental jams for a whole album. I absolutely prefer the instrumental version vs the one with vocals. Like many, I first heard this as instrumentals published under Misha’s ‘Bulb’ band name, so hearing it with clean vocals is super weird.

ANYWAY – this album rules, and I am so happy they finally released a proper instrumental version on vinyl. Sumerian Records put it out in April of 2017 as part of ‘Vinyl Week, but strangely the only info I can find out on is whats archived at Discogs, everything on Sumerian is a 404 error.

Here’s some pics of the record itself and the video is a look at the last track on the album, a 15 minute piece called Racecar.