Hot off the press, the new Rings of Saturn album Ulta Ulla, released July 28, 2017.

This album is fun.

It does the things Rings of Saturn do best: namely, mercilessly catapulting you into a world of sonic-alien, nintendo-esque guitar picking & brutal chugging.

The pinnacle of tech death? No. In fact, it’s almost formulaic at this point, for them, in the sense that this sounds just like Rings of Saturn are supposed to sound.

But no one else sounds like this and damn if it’s not brutal and fun as shit to rock out to.

Nicely packaged vinyl comes from Nuclear Blast.

As with all their albums, the front cover features more badass artwork by Marc Cooper. Check out more of his freaking awesome art here.

Pictured is limited edition green vinyl which came with a sweet poster too – nice touch, Nuclear.