I gotta give to these Russian gents: they really surprise me.

The first music I heard of theirs was this experimental noisey mathcore djent metal. It was really good, and it didn’t just sound like everything else. That was from 2013. Here’s one of the songs I’m talking about..

But what’s baffling is that the album I first heard seems to have disappeared. There is no record of Based on a True Story on their Bandcamp, and it was never on the radar of bigger services like Spotify to begin with. Some of the songs are still on youtube, but, I’m crushed to say the best song on the album, The Chaoscore, is nowhere to be found. Noooooo!

Fast forward several albums and you have a really, truly changed band. It’s fucking black metal- at least, I think so, right, with those vocals? Unlike most of the genre, Second to Sun do their black metal with tight production and a blend of metal styles swirling around that definitely go past the comfort level of straight forward black – including some of the chugga-chugga. The 2013 sound seeps in every now and then, but this is by and large a totally different band than that first album I heard.*

*to confuse us even more though, from what I can tell their truly first album is from 2011 and it’s black metal, then an album in 2013 and 2015 that’s more mathcore/djent, and then the latest one is black metal again.

Addendum: The plot thickens. It’s not just my imagination that the first album has been scrubbed off the interwebs! I found this snippet from the The Metal Archives:

“Released a djent album in 2013 called “Based on a True Story”. This album is no longer considered official since the band went through a departure in style and no longer wants to be associated with djent music.”