Contortionist will be coming to Greensboro the day before Thanksgiving to play the most epic sounding show imaginable – songs from their whole career, between two sets, over two hours. What I’m imagining is essentially a loud, heavy, metal set, followed by a break and then a second stripped down, intimate set, like that seen here. Basically the most amazing way to ever see Contortionist. I’m beyond pumped for this.

To celebrate, I found a great live set filmed in Winston Salem in 2015.

Video by povrecordings from Greensboro, NC

. . .

The Parable

Repress all you know
My apologies, Eno
But it’s all in your head
Fiction based off truths you may need to aid you, guide you
You are the language
You are, you are, you are, you are
On the eve of knowing all
My dear Eno
Patience ’cause this all subsides
In due time, all will be clear
And the truth is
I couldn’t love you more than I have come to know
And this Mother Sun is proud to have watched you grow
You are the perceiver that perceived the parable
The never ending end
You are the infinite (Intuit)
You are the finite (Fire)
You are, you are, you are, you are